Newsletter Q1 2021


In front of you is our first newsletter of 2021. It brings information about Sales & Marketing and developments within and around NextSales.

Also, every quarter, we will be placing one of our services in the spotlights. This quarter: Market Scan.

2020 in Retrospect

Retrospective 2020

How fast the world changed! While we all had a fresh start in the first quarter of 2020, Europe came to a standstill in many areas in mid-March. COVID-19 came our way. Many companies adapted a wait-and-see attitude and wanted to pause doing business until the Covid situation had been resolved. However, after the summer it became clear that COVID-19 was here to stay, for the time being.

Everyone was forced to work differently: from home, using all available conferencing tools. Most companies, especially in the Netherlands, quickly picked up on this, but major differences in other European countries became apparent. 60% of Belgian companies that created a website for Covid expect to close it again after Corona. Italians often do business face-to-face, so as long as Covid is around, business there is pretty slow.

Companies at the beginning of the pandemic were waiting to see what would happen. Put investments on hold and save costs. A turnaround came after the summer. Many companies indicated: COVID-19 will stay for the time being, but we have to get back in business. 

To briefly summarize 2020: challenging, but under pressure, great developments have also come across everyone’s path.

Spotlight on: Market Scan

If you are successful in your own country with a product or service, it is a logical step to aspire growth in other countries. Regardless, whether you want to introduce a new or existing proposition in another market; you should do market research. This’ll give insight in the opportunities and challenges in this new market. It enables you to make an informed decision whether to start up activities in a specific country.

The results of the Market Scan provide insight into the feasibility of your plan. It shows the competitive arena and the market potential. It is the basis for your action plan, defining next steps and activities. Want to know more about the Market Scan?

Want a free Market Scan?

We will offer a free Market Scan to one of the subscribers of our Newsletter. We will draw the winner on March 1st 2021!

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10 year anniversary

In addition to extended contracts with existing customers and great projects for new customers from all over the world, there are many great things waiting to happen for 2021. On February 1, 2021, NextSales celebrated its 10-year anniversary.

2021 will be dedicated to our 10 years of existence and to celebrate this we will share our knowledge and expertise by performing a free Market Scan every quarter.

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Wanted: Salesreps! Join our team!

Next to growing our NextSales Ambassador Network with more than 220 Ambassadors leveraging their network for our customers, we are also looking for people to join our Sales-team!

As a member of our Sales-team you will support us with the execution of our Client assignments. Interested? Get in touch with us via de button below!

Wanted: Sales, join our team!

Sales & Marketing Developments

Opinions are divided about going back to normal in 2021 and what the year will bring us. What is becoming more and more clear is that until the majority of people have received the vaccine, we will be asked to continue as we did last year: Working from home as much as possible with little face-to-face meetings.

Many people are eagerly looking forward to meeting people again, but the mindset on (un)necessary travel has already been revised by many. Having a virtual meeting is here to stay. Still it is challenging (especially in larger groups) to observe the interest of your potential customer.

Research from Gartner (The New B2B Buying Process ( shows that 6-10 people are involved in the decision process. So, how are you going to get those people to choose your product or service? We like to share our knowledge and expertise, but also want to learn from others: How do you approach digital business?

Do you have any tips to share with us? Let us know!

New customers


Benelux Market Scan and Lead Generation for ValueLabs

ValueLabs is specialized in ICT support, development of software products and data technology. With 5,500 employees, ValueLabs is a trusted technology partner for more than 150 clients around the world, served from 30 offices.

ValueLabs works together with its customers as one team, with common values and business goals; the OneCompany® model. Where other companies see their customers as a “wallet” to pay for costs and profit, ValueLabs is willing to (co) invest in new projects, take risks and carry out activities.

In today’s market where digital transformation is even more needed than before, ValueLabs can support SMEs and large companies in simplifying their IT systems through modernization, moving to the Cloud and software development.

NextSales supports ValueLabs with Lead Generation in the Benelux. To learn more about ValueLabs: follow this link.

Eelaff is a business to business (B2B) eCommerce headquartered in UAE and planning to launch in Q2 2021. The core business model is to connect buyers to genuine factories and meeting the buyer’s expectation. Eelaff works closely with Governments to ensure transparency. Buyers can purchase on Eelaff with peace of mind as all factories go through a vigorous quality assurance process on a secured site and app. Every category is covered (except food and medicine) under and a separate checkout will enable small businesses and start-ups to buy smaller quantities.

Eelaff aims to establish sustainable business models. Technology experts at Eelaff utilize Artificial intelligence as well as human interaction to help buyers with their transactions. With superior quality assurances in place, getting exactly what was ordered creates a bond of trust no competitor can match.

NextSales supports Eelaff with contracting factories to the platform within the European Union.