Newsletter Q2 2021


Another quarter has passed. In several countries, the measures are more relaxed and some are carefully planning for the summer holidays. So we believe that it is an excellent time to inform you about what is going on in Sales & Marketing.

As you have come to expect from us, one of our services will be highlighted. This quarter is about: Sales Outsourcing.

Market Scan Mysteria

Newsletter Q2 2021 - Market Scan Mysteria

As you could read in our previous newsletter, we perform a free Market Scan every quarter. This is because of our 10-year anniversary. Mysteria (Poland) emerged as the winner of all submissions.

Did you know that after China, Poland is the country when it comes to the production of Christmas ornaments? Mysteria produces custom ornaments for companies, mainly in Eastern Europe and America, but they have the ambition to expand their services. The big question was: which countries offer the best opportunities? We have mapped this out with the Market Scan.

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Developments in Sales & Marketing

Potential customers are increasingly careful about whom to do business with. They don’t want to listen to sales pitches. They are looking for a business partner who provides knowledge and puts the customer’s interests first. How do you put your company in the center of a conversation with a potential customer without telling how great you are?

Whether it’s a one-on-one conversation or you have a group of customers (virtually) together, tell your story from the perspective of a customer you have supported. In a group session, the best thing is if the customer comes to tell it himself. Create a business case / case study with the following topics:

  • What was the problem?
  • What was the solution?
  • What are the client benefits?
  • What were lessons learned?

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Spotlight on: Sales Outsourcing

Sales Outsourcing: flexible, Scalable and low risk

Sales Outsourcing means flexibility and scalability in terms of sales costs and investments. NextSales delivers Sales Outsourcing in whole or in part. You do this, for example, to enter new markets, or to (temporarily) expand your Sales team. Maybe because you want to keep focus on the further development of your product or service. With Covid-19 making travel difficult for over a year, more and more companies are turning to us for sales support in areas they cannot go themselves.

We start all our assignments with a Market Scan. This forms the basis for a plan of action to grow the customer’s turnover. In Sales Outsourcing, Marketing & Sales work hand in hand to create awareness and connect with new customers. We talk to potential customers, make quotations and negotiate contracts. We build a sales funnel with potential customers that ultimately results in deals.

NextSales can offer support during all steps of the Sales process and we find it important to have regular (virtual) contact with each other through update calls. Do you also need help with Sales and do you want to know how we can support you?

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Growing our formula all over the world

NextSales is growing and with our approach of Market Scans to get insights in different countries and generating leads with the help and support of our Ambassador network we make our clients successful in many European countries.

Therefore, we have the ambition to expand our formula to other countries around the world. We are looking for people who can support us with this. Do you see opportunities to start and expand our approach in your country? We would like to get in touch with you and get started!  Just use the button on the right!

New customers


Market Scan and Sales Outsourcing for CYPHER LEARNING

CYPHER LEARNING is the world’s leading learning management system for schools and businesses serving millions of users in more than 20,000 organizations.

Currently CYPHER LEARNING is the only company that offers learning management systems in all major e-learning sectors: education, business and individual:

  • NEO is the solutions for educational institutions
  • MATRIX focuses on companies
  • INDIE supports entrepreneurs in growing their online business

NextSales has done Market Scans for the Netherlands and Sweden and recently the Sales Outsourcing activities have started.

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Ragnarök is the Old Norse term for a collapse of the old world, on the ruins of which the new world will arise. Ragnarök provides advanced IT business solutions for its customers worldwide. Bringing together more than 100 first-class professionals with many years of IT experience, Ragnarök delivers truly challenging solutions for companies in the gaming and real estate industries, among others.

In addition, they also have a creative branch to support, for example, airports and the government with re-branding.

After several Market Scans, NextSales supports Ragnarök with Lead Generation in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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Ragnarök Group