Prepare to enter a market

If you are considering to enter a new market, like the United Kingdom →, Germany →, California → or Texas →, you better come prepared.

Every state or country is different when it comes to business culture and market circumstances. Our Market Scan gives you relevant information about the local economy, IT trends, competition, pricing, most likely target industries, required messaging, decision making unit and much more.

A Market Scan helps you make an informed decision. It is the basis for you to determine if the market is attractive, what companies to target, what messaging will work and what you have to do to be successful.

It enables you to align your objectives and expectations.

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Why a Market Scan?

If you are considering to access a new market, a good preparation is crucial. We understand the market mechanisms, the way the local market works and the commitment that a market introduction requires. This enables us to help you assess whether your plans are feasible, how the competition is doing, what value proposition to bring and what companies to target. 

A Market Scan answers the following questions:

How to position your offering and its unique value proposition?

Whats is the profile of potential clients and how to address them?

Who are and how to trigger the DMU?

What is the competitive pricing?