Market Scan

Market Scan: Come prepared

You’re planning to enter the European market or expand to another European country. You better come prepared. Every European country is different when it comes to business culture and market circumstances. Our Market Scan gives you relevant information about the competition, pricing, most likely target industries, required messaging, decision making unit and much more.

A Market Scan helps you make an informed decision. It is the basis for you to determine where you stand, where you would like to be and what the gap between is.

Based on the Market Scan, you are able to align your objectives and expectations.

The Market Scan enables you to make decisions on next steps like Lead Generation, Sales Outsourcing or other course of action.

Why a Market Scan?

Market Scan will show you:

Your personal Guide

If you are considering to access the market with a new product or service, a good preparation is crucial. We understand the market mechanisms, way of working and the commitment that such a market introduction requires. This enables us to help you assess whether your plans are feasible. In addition, we can advise you where and how to start.

We believe that there is no “one size fits all” approach. An existing product in a new market may require a different approach than a new product in your current market.

The Market Scan will show you:

  • Your market: Which organizations are important and what are the challenges?
  • Potential clients in that market
  • Competition (and your position)
  • The relevant Decision Making Units
  • Marketing Tools
  • Pricing

Basis for Strategy

  • It gives insight into the needs of your target group
  • You know the positions of the competitors and respond to it
  • You have a clear action plan with which you can successfully present the products or services on the market
  • It gives insight into the necessary investments in Sales & Marketing
  • It forms the basis for the communication of your brand to your target group and DMU

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