Lead Generation is our core business!

You need new leads to grow your business.

You are offering an excellent proposition and see opportunities in other regions or countries and need leads to establish a footprint.

We offer an unique approach within our Lead Generation service. Apart from the obvious social media-, e-mail- and cold calling services, our ambassadors → will introduce you to the C-level and their inner circle of your target accounts.

Whether you are targeting Europe →, the United States →, Latin-America or Asia-Pacific, we have native speaking IT sales & marketing professionals. They understand the challenges you will be facing and how to address them.

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Our unique proposition: C-level intro's

Many companies offer sales services. They do inbound marketing with tools like Hubspot →. They offer social media-, e-mail and cold calling campaigns. We offer those services too, but what sets us apart is our NextSales Ambassador Network →.

Our Ambassadors are senior executives from corporations and public sector. Some of them come from the military, are entrepreneur, professor or in the government.

They all have an extensive network and are willing to introduce are clients there. This creates a shortcut to the C-level and their inner circle as well as a better qualification in the early stages.

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