Lead Generation

Access to new clients

Lead Generation is our core business!

You need new leads to grow your business.

Lead Generation is often a challenge, specifically if you are entering new markets. That’s why we use different Lead Generation channels to set-up meetings with your potential clients:

  • Existing relationships within our Ambassador Network
  • Deployment of Social Media
  • Calls & e-mails

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In 2015 we founded the NextSales Ambassador Network: A network of people from European businesses, science institutes and government who support us by sharing their knowledge, experience and network!

This network gives us access to potential clients and supports us in informing your target group about your solutions.

In Europe, when it comes to complex services, trust and relationship are considered more important than lowest price. That is why we value the NextSales Ambassador Network as our unique Lead Generation asset!

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3 Channels

  1. NextSales Ambassadors use their existing contacts. This way we get faster access to potential clients. 
  2. We use social media channels to position your brand and to connect with your target audience.
  3. Within the GDPR limitations for calls & e-mails in Europe, we use do call and mail campaigns.

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Qualified leads

Our Lead Generation approach is based on a continuous contact with your target group during a minimum period of 6 months. In this time we will reach out to your target audience through our Ambassadors, social media, calls and e-mails. we guarantee* at least leads with 10% of the target base. If we don’t meet this target, we will continue without additional costs until our target has been reached.

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*Terms apply