Business Development

Grow your Business in Europe

Business Development is developing sustainable growth potential for your company. Business Development can focus on clients and client-relationship but also on the development of new products and services.

NextSales supports clients in developing and growing their business in Europe. Our starting point is that Sales is the result of a well thought-out and well executed Business Development process. NextSales offers support for the execution of that process. With our support you’re able to develop, build and maintain sustainable business relations.

Flexible & Scalable

Start Small, Grow Bigger

Business Development: Start Small, Grow Bigger

A small step in the right direction

We start our Business Development activities with either a Europe Scan or a Market Scan. A Europe Scan will tell you where to start in Europe. A Market Scan is used to determine:

  • Your current position in the Market
  • Your targeted position
  • “The Gap”

This will enable us to tell you whether you have set the bar at the right level. We will support you in defining alternative scenarios to achieve your objectives.

NextSales Ambassador Network

Uur unique strength is our NextSales Ambassador Network. This network comprises of senior people from the European business community and public sector. When engaged in a Business Development contract, we will leverage our network to deliver:

  • Contacts with your prospects
  • Shaping of your propositions
  • Develop new business

SMEs and Corporates

Clients of all sizes rely on NextSales for support in their Business Development:

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