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Sales & Marketing as a Service

Why work with us

Your company has an excellent proposition and yet you don’t find enough new clients? NextSales offers Sales & Marketing as a Service. You can take advantage of opportunities in Europe without the costs and risks that come with building your own salesforce!

Our NextSales Ambassador Network supports us. This network leverages the personal network of senior executives and professionals.

Our Sales & Marketing as a Service integrates Lead Generation, Business Development, Marketing and Sales!

Let NextSales take charge if you plan to enter the European market. We will develop and grow your business in Europe!

360 degrees Sales & Marketing as a Service

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Our objective is to work successfully with our clients over a long period of time. That doesn’t mean we lock you into long-term contracts. We offer flexible and scalable Sales & Marketing as a Service. We will contribute to your success!

3 Steps to Success

We will support you Every Step of the way

If you want your company to grow in Europe, leverage our Sales & Marketing as a Service


We investigate your target market:
  • Potential clients
  • Competition and you
  • Decision Making Units
  • Marketing Tools
  • Pricing


Define required support:
  • Make or buy
  • Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Sales
  • Lead Generation



Create market presence:
  • Internet
  • Lead Generation
  • B2B (virtual) Events
  • Sales
  • Business address

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Visit our News & Blog to stay informed about developments in the European IT, Hightech and Consulting markets. You will also have access to the latest news about NextSales and our Clients.
Renewed Sales Outsourcing with Innovaway

Renewed Sales Outsourcing with Innovaway

NextSales relationship with Innovaway dates to early 2017. After a Market Scan and a Lead Generation engagement, we entered into a Sales Outsourcing in 2019. Today we are happy to announce our renewed Sales Outsourcing with Innovaway.

Market Scan and Sales Outsourcing for CYPHER LEARNING

Market Scan and Sales Outsourcing for CYPHER LEARNING

CYPHER LEARNING is World’s leading Learning Management System for schools and businesses serving millions of users in over 20.000 organizations. NextSales has been contracted to do a Market Scan and Sales Outsourcing.

Our 10 year anniversary

February 1st marked the day of our 10 year anniversary! NextSales was founded on February 1st in 2011. Our idea was to support companies with Sales & Marketing in Europe. To celebrate this happy occasion we will share our knowledge and expertise by performing a free Market Scan every quarter.

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