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10 Year history

So you want to know a more about us? Since its foundation 10 years ago (February 2011) NextSales supports companies in developing, building and maintaining sustainable business relationships within Europe.

Trust plays an important role in many European companies when it comes to establishing business relationships. In Europe a large part of the procurement process is handled through the Internet. However when it comes to bigger decisions a trusted business partner is very important.

NextSales does not only provide Sales & Marketing expertise. By leveraging our NextSales Ambassador Network we can support you in addressing all your management challenges!

Sales & Marketing Services
a Network supporting us

NextSales and the NextSales Ambassador Network

The NextSales Ambassador Network was launched in 2015 to provide SMEs access to similar resources as large corporates. Members of the network are experienced professionals, managers, professors, entrepreneurs, military personnel (retired) and civil servants from the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

Since 2015, the NextSales Ambassador Network has developed into a thinktank with more than 220 members who support our clients in many more areas than Sales & Marketing.

About us

NextSales Ambassador Network

The original idea behind the NextSales Ambassador Network was: Create a level playing field for SMEs.

If large multinationals want to increase their business with a client, they have the finances to engage lobbyists and advisors. Moreover, these companies can afford to pursue an opportunity for a long time.

SMEs often do not have this ability, while they often have more innovative solutions.

Our working Principles

Our principles: Ethics, Sustainability and knowing people

It's who you know

Sales & Marketing in the B2B segment in Europe is about trust. Even if 60% of the search for suppliers takes place over the web. People make the difference between a deal and no deal!.


Building sustainable client relationships requires ethical behavior on the part of the supplier. NextSales only supports companies that match our convictions.


We offer equal opportunities to everyone. We offer support to relevant companies on the basis of "pro bono" or reduced rates. Read more about our commitment to Sustainability.

Europe is not the US

The biggest mistake you can make when trying to do business in Europe is thinking that it is similar to the US.

In the Nordic countries these differences are perhaps not so big, but the moment you start descending from the Netherlands, you will be in another world. People prefer speaking their native language (which isn’t English) and are looking for business partners they know and trust.

One of NextSales added values is that we are already networked in these countries. 

European Union Countries covered
European Countries covered


Fleur van Wely


Paul Roevens

Business Lead Belgium

Peter van den Heuvel

Business Design Lead

How NextSales supports sustainability

We support sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (SDGs)

We support Sustainability

  1. During the execution of our assignments we work in a sustainable way. Think about responsible and above all less travel
  2. Companies and institutions that try to achieve the 17 objectives we offer our services on a “pro bono” or reduced rate basis
  3. Through our NextinVision initiative, we help companies turn the challenge of sustainability into opportunities!

We ensure minimizing our carbon footprint. We use as many modern means of communication as possible.We use teleconferencing and video conferencing to avoid travel.

If we travel we use public transport as much as possible.

Within Europe we prefer to take the train and avoid the plane.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations has set 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The first and most important goal is to end extreme poverty. Other objectives include combating hunger, improving health, improving the quality of – and access to – education. We are committed to all of these objectives.

Here are a number of goals in which NextSales is currently actively involved:

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"I want to believe in a fair world for now and future generations. ”
Peter van den Heuvel
Business Design Lead

About us

Frequently Asked Questions

Our price models are: Fixed Price, Retainer & Incentive or Hourly rate.

For Lead Generation we guarantee a number of qualified leads.

For Sales Outsourcing, we understand that you hire us to create more business. Our model is based on a retainer (costs contribution) and an incentive when we win a deal.

Companies and organizations working on the realization of the UN’s SDGs are offered services on a “pro bono” or at a lowered rate. 

We have a track record in IT, Public Safety, High Tech and Consulting!

Of course we are interested in talking with companies from other industries.

Just contact us so we can understand your proposition and ambitions!

We are always interested in growing our Ambassador Network. If you want to know more visit our Ambassador and Vacancies-pages or contact us!

We cover: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

To support our growth, we are looking for Partners.

Partners are responsible for the further growth of our business and our clients business.

A Partner is an entrepreneur operating within the NextSales businessmodel.

If you want to know more visit the Vacancies-page or contact us!