About us - Our history

NextSales was founded in February 2011. Our dream is to build a sales team that is capable of selling complex and high value IT propositions to clients all over the world.

We see the need for that sales team every day. In many countries staff only stays for a few years at a company. This has resulted in a massive loss of company memory.  People who have the experience and understanding of the inner workings of an organization, its propositions and clients have left the company. 

A large part of the procurement process is handled through the Internet: Gathering information about suppliers and their solutions, analyst opinions and client references. Still, trust plays an important role in high value and complex deals. You can settle everything in a contract, but without trust you will not even be drafting a contract.

Our ambassador network

in 2015 we started our ambassador network. The vision behind this was: Create a living network of experienced and well connected people to support b2b IT businesses in Sales & Marketing.

Large multinationals aiming to increase their business, have deep pockets to engage lobbyists, advisors and subject matter experts. In terms of money and resources, they can afford to pursue an opportunity for an extended period (sometimes years).

Most smaller business are not able to do this. They may have more innovative solutions, but are not able to do the required sales and marketing tasks.

With our ambassador network we are levelling the playing field!

About us - Ethics

Sales and Ethics. It is probably not the first thing you think of. We all know the stereotype sales. The person who sells anything to everyone, as long as the incentive is good. Well that’s not us.

We believe that building lasting client relationships requires ethical behaviour on the part of the supplier and on the part of the client. 

We only support companies if we believe we are able to deliver as discussed. This also means that we will not work for clients that have propositions that do not match this belief.


  1. During the execution of our assignments we work in a sustainable way. Think about responsible and less travel
  2. Companies and institutions that are committed to achieving the sustainable development goals are eligible to use our services on a “pro bono” or reduced rate basis
  3. We help companies turn the challenge of sustainability into opportunities!

We ensure minimizing our carbon footprint. We use as many modern means of communication as possible.We use teleconferencing and video conferencing to avoid travel.

If we travel we use public transport as much as possible. Within Europe we prefer to take the train and avoid the plane.


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