Sales & Leadership training

Our training and coaching program, by Michael Buckton, provides leadership training and coaching for leaders and leaders in the making, at various levels. Through our program we help teams create a leadership strategy and identify a leadership goal.

We offer transformational leadership development,  coaching and sales training that help increase psychological safety and a sense of wellbeing.

Our transformational framework structures for effective performance, competent management and sustained sales success. It provides effective tools that blend cognitive neuro science, neuro linguistic programming and social psychology in our training and coaching. We do this in a group or one to one format.

Who should attend?

Leadership at all levels, who must identify and remove all constraints that stop transformation from occurring. Convictional leadership training will develop a common leadership culture, and succeed in undermining annoying constraints, which work against driving unity and productivity, and most importantly empower and transform individual role clarity and leadership. Convictional transformational leadership training will allow for trust and dependability to emerge in the teams.

We identify and remove in particular, personal constraints and limiting beliefs, resultant in the congruence of individuals, who empowered with a hierarchy of values, serve to enhance their potential in the service of the of the company. This is a proven strategy, in the maximisation of productivity and staff empowerment and congruence.
This training will stimulate your thinking and inspire your attitudes and behaviour that will help unlock the best in your leadership. We provide a team the opportunity to embrace psychological personality discovery to help understand personality and behaviour, which is key to optimising performance and productivity.

Psychological Personality Model (OCEAN)

Psychological Personality Model (OCEAN)

Our training is based on the big 5 Psychological Personality Model (OCEAN), which is key in the pursuit of optimising behaviour and productivity.

These are: 

  • Openness
  • Conscientiousness
  • Extraversion
  • Agreeableness
  • Neuroticism

Furthermore, our structured training and coaching focuses on the development and refinement of career planning and competencies including:

  • Learning tools and techniques.
  • Understanding the science of coding and decoding in communication.
  • Rapport building.

Our leadership and sales training offer a full curriculum, encompassing the discovery and execution of authentic and situational leadership. This is underpinned by the leader’s core values, without the leader having to compromise personality style and its operational and strategic result.

You will have access to the most well researched psychological processes for human influence and personal effectiveness, learning advanced rapport and communication skills and improve your influential effectiveness. You will also acquire psychological assets and learn how your physiology endorses your words.

We invite you and your team to share in high outcome-based training, geared to achieve great results that go far beyond the average motivation to succeed, that will lead to extraordinary results on a sustained basis