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On these pages you will find links to relevant information sources about the European market, best places to hold an Event or business diner, available downloads on our website and a glossary.

The information on these pages is provided by NextSales, the NextSales Ambassador Network and other sources of information.

We continue to update these pages with new information on European countries and industries.

Market information

The European Union is one of the largest economies in the world. Like the other major economies, the European Union has its own specific characteristics. Especially for companies in the b2b segment it is good to be aware of these characteristics.

NextSales shows its clients how to be successful in the European market by taking these characteristics into account.

Information Sources - European Union - Germany - Netherlands
The German Market. With a GDP of $ 3.806 trillion, Germany is the EU’s biggest economy. Germany has many big Industries and is worldwide famous for delivering high quality products and services.

The Netherlands market. With a GDP of $0.912 trillion, The Netherlands is the EU’s fifth largest economy. 

The Belgium market. The gross domestic product (GDP) for Belgium in 2020 was $515.3 billion. 

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