Some of our clients



Sustainable Business

NextSales supports its clients in building and increasing sales in the European market.

More leads, more clients, more business.

We position our clients and their Value Proposition to be successful. Look at unique characteristics of your proposition and target market.

There is no “one size fits all” approach because an existing product or service in a new market may require a completely different approach than a new product or service in your current market.

Both with Lead Generation and Sales Outsourcing we leverage our NextSales Ambassador Network.

This page shows some of our clients. More information can be found in our News & Blog.


Some of our clients

Lead Generation

Larger projects and programmes with some complexity demand a step-by-step plan:
A script in which everything is described and planned in detail.

That is what Time IT offers!

Structured, consistent and detailed. Crystal clear for all concerned.

Lead Generation

Anne Kewitsch is the founder of AAA (Academie Aan de Angstel).

Teaching business professionals to be proficient in German, that's what AAA delivers.

AAA is a language institute that offers German training, courses and workshops.

Effective communication in the German language.

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