Flexible Scalable Services

Opportunities for Growth

Offering a service or product in the business-to-business (b2b) segment?

Want to grow your business in Europe?

NextSales offers flexible scalable Sales & Marketing services!

Our objective is to bring growth to our clients over an extended period of time. We will not locking them into long-term contracts.

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Market Scan

A Market Scan gives relevant information on your market in a specific country. It tells you about potential clients, the competition, pricing and how to position your value proposition to the decision making unit (DMU)

The Market Scan also addresses the roadmap, actions and priorities to successfully enter this country.

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Europe Scan

Europe is the world’s largest market:

  • $15 trillion in 2020
  • 1/6 of the global economy
  • 450 million consumers
  • 22.5 million SMEs
  • 24 languages
  • 27 Countries with their cultural differences

Our Europe Scan tells you where to start

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Lead Generation

Lead Generation is one of our core activities. Our unique value proposition is offering an introduction through an existing relationship by our NextSales Ambassador Network.

An introduction by our Ambassadors is a powerful sales tool.

Since the buying process proceeds both on- and offline, we also use social media, landing pages and calls & e-mails.

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Sales Outsourcing

You want to grow and you are looking for flexible, scalable sales. Maybe because you want to limit your risks, or want to start in a new market. Perhaps you’re launching a new product.

There are many good reasons to outsource your Sales. In whole or partially. For example:

  • Reducing your time to market
  • Lowering investments
  • Reducing financial risk
  • Enabling more focus
  • Being able to adapt to changes in the market faster

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b2b Events

b2b events have changed. Over the past years we’ve adapted to more remote and hybrid. We help you organize b2b events in all formats: face-2-face, hybrid or remote.

Whether it’s a round table session, demonstration, workshop, or trade show when organizing b2b events, there’s a lot involved. You have to come up with a theme, speakers, marketing materials, landing pages, social media campaigns and you have to secure your audience. That’s why companies work with NextSales. We support you all the way and guarantee the number of participants within the target group.

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Internet Strategy

60% or more of the procurement process is performed on the web (Gartner →). Having a good internet strategy for website, landing pages, social media, marketing automation tools, apps and videoconferencing is essential.

If your target base is not able to find you, you do not exist.

We supports you in setting up an internet strategy that makes you relevant for your target base.

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Your brand and positioning has a lot of value. Sometimes you need to bring a message to your clients or target base. Because you are announcing a big change that will get a lot of media attention. Or you want to communicate with your target audience in their business language.

We can help you deliver the message. Our Ambassador Network comprises of members of Parliament, Generals (retired), Professors and CEO’s who have experience in all fields and who are available to coach and support you.

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Interim Staff

If you have a temporary vacancy, we can help you. If you want to have a second opinion to share insights and experiences from other companies, countries and cultures and make it accessible to you, we are there. Through our Ambassadors we are able to mobilize an enormous amount of knowledge and experience that you can deploy towards your needs. More about Interim Staff → Ask us how we can help →

Challenge us with your ideas

NextSales supports clients in different industries. Many clients come from IT, Public Safety & Security, Software, Hightech, Consulting and construction.

We are always interested in a conversation on how we can help in your industry! If your company operates in the b2b (Business-2-Business) segment, NextSales can support you with flexible scalable Sales & Marketing services.

More information on how we support our clients from different industries can be found under Industries →.

Through our extensive NextSales Ambassador Network we are able to tap into a vast base of experience and industry knowledge.

Whether you are looking for Market information, Lead Generation, local Sales presence we offer the services you need to be successful in the European market →.