Big 5 personality model

Business Productivity course based on the Big 5 personality model

Extraversion personality trait is responsible for how we react to positive and negative circumstances.

This personality trait describes a person’s tendency to experience negative emotion and the consequences of excessive negative emotion and strategies for overcoming anxiety.

This personality trait is associated with maternal care whilst the low agreeableness personality trait is linked with competitive behavior. Learn the pronounced advantages and disadvantages to being at any point on the spectrum.

Business productivity course - Big 5

Discover how this personality trait shapes your life and career and why its historically the biggest predictor of modern day success in your career and the business world.

Openness to Experience
Learn how this personality trait relates to creativity, curiosity and interest in ideas. Learn about the distribution of IQ, creativity and openness to experience and the social implications that follow.

Gender Differences in Personality
Learn about gender differences in personality and the social, political and economic ramifications of these differences. Also learn about the nature-nurture debate as it pertains to gender differences in personality

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