NextSales Ambassador Network

Thinktank & Network

The NextSales Ambassador Network is a thinktank & network of people from the European business and Public Sector community.

NextSales Ambassadors are people who enjoy sharing their knowledge, experience and network relationships with others.

The network consists of people from management, audit, procurement or IT. Some of them have served as a military officer. They all bring an extensive network.

1st NextSales Ambassador Meeting in 2015
1st NextSales Ambassador Meeting (2015)


In 2015 NextSales launched a new concept: We revived the original idea of business Social Media platforms such as LinkedIn and Xing.

These started out as virtual networks with people you really know to create inputs and leads for each other, but soon became cluttered with irrelevant contacts.

NextSales decided to take a different approach. We created a network with people who support you in building and expanding your business. We do this by opening-up the knowledge, expertise and personal networks of our Ambassadors to our clients.

Over 220 Ambassadors

The NextSales Ambassador Network started small, but quickly grew into an extensive network with more than 220 Ambassadors. These Ambassadors support an impressive list of clients. This concept enables us to support both SMEs and corporates.

We now have Ambassadors in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland and Spain. Ultimately, we want to extend our network throughout Europe.

3 times per year we host an

Ambassador Meeting

To network and catch-up with our Ambassadors

Client Benefits

The NextSales Ambassador Network supports our clients in many ways:

  • Introduce your proposition in an Ambassador Workshop
  • Establishing contacts with your prospects
  • Assess and shape propositions towards your targets
  • Solve problems and teach you how to deal with new challenges
  • Develop new business
  • Identify and support winning opportunities
  • Coach your management, wether you’re a corporate, SME or a Start-up

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