Europe Scan

Europe Scan

Europe Scan: When you’re planning to enter the European market or expand from one European country to another, you have to make important choices.

If you want to know which country offers the best opportunities for your products or services, it is wise to start with a Europe Scan.

Based on the results of the scan you can make a well-founded decision. You will know which country offers the best potential for your offering. You will also know the local competitive playing field and key success factors.

This enables you to invest in the potentially most profitable countries when entering a new area.

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Why a Europe Scan?

Internal market: Europe is one of the largest internal markets in the world and attracts many companies that want to grow their business in this region.

The 27 countries that are currently united in the European Union speak 24 different languages, have even more different cultures that all have different ways of doing business. Not every country has the same business needs and maturity level which makes a one-size-fits-all approach not useful.

Come prepared Before entering Europe you have to prepare yourself, do your
research and ask yourself several questions:

  • Which countries offer the best potential for my offering?
  • Do I focus on 1 country or more (and in what order)?
  • Do I enter a greenfield (not many suppliers, long term effort, maximum result)?
  • Do I enter a red ocean (lots of potential and need, many suppliers going after the same clients)?
  • How big is a country in terms of number of target clients, industries etc.?


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Europe Scan outcomes

The outcomes of a Europe Scan give relevant insight for developing your business in Europe. Related to your offering, you will have a clear understanding of:

  • Differences between countries? (chances for success)
  • Countries with a similar need?
  • What are opportunities?
  • What should you be aware of (e.g., regulations)
  • Which country is most interesting and where to focus on next?
  • How do you address a country with your offering (messaging and value proposition)
  • What is the routemap (where to start, next steps) to move forward?

With the results you get a clear advice from us: which country to focus on first, where to go next and also important: which countries to leave behind (for now).

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