Interim Staff

Interim Staff - Knowledge & Expertise

From time to time it is good to consult interim staff. Someone who can share insights and experiences from other companies, countries and cultures with you.

NextSales Ambassadors → have a wealth of experience in a variety of fields. International Business Management, Audit, Production Management, Sales & Marketing, IT are just a few examples.

NextSales is able to mobilize an enormous amount of knowledge and experience. Knowledge and experience that you can apply specifically to your needs.

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A few hours, a week, a month?

  • Do you need interim Sales → or Marketing → staff for the temporary reinforcement of your organization?
  • Are you looking for a sounding board or coach to implement a change in the Sales processes?
  • Our NextSales Ambassadors → are available to fulfill Interim Sales & Marketing roles.

Expertise Interim Staff provides to our Clients:

  • Review of quotations and presentations
  • Structuring of Sales processes
  • Development of business models
  • Participation in Advisory or Supervisory Board
  • Definition of Sales & Marketing strategies
  • Portfolio development
  • Building a website
  • Create content for a blog, social media or your website
  • Optimizing supplier-customer relationships
  • Coaching or Consulting
  • Sales & Marketing functions
  • Subject Matter Expertise on Public Safety & Security

Bid Reviews: It's about the Client

In order to win a deal, Sales produces many documents. For example: quotations and presentations.

Many of these documents are written from the vendor’s perspective.

Look at us: Our company is big, has been around for many years and we are selling a great proposition.

  • But does that answer the customer’s question?
  • Does your proposal score enough points within the tendering process?
  • Does the customer see that you are solving the problem?
  • Are your customers obliged to tender?

We are supporting many clients → bidding in tender processes. We support you in interpreting the rules and achieving the highest possible score.