Ambassador Workshops & Meetings

Mixed virtual & face2face approach

The world has changed. Last year we needed to get used to social distancing as part of our day to day and business life and some of us will keep on doing that even if it’s no longer mandatory. This also impacted our Ambassador Workshops & Meetings.

At NextSales we take care of the safety and wishes of our Ambassadors and clients. This means that we will make use of video and web conferencing as an addition to face-2-face meetings.

Recordings of past webinars are available to our Ambassadors.

Background information and an overview of upcoming Ambassador Workshops & Meetings!

Ambassador Events

Ambassador Workshops

During our Ambassador Workshops you get the chance to get to know all kinds of companies and their propositions up close.

Ambassador Workshops are not a sales pitch. The objective is to give insight into a clients company and solutions offered. On the agenda are things as:
  • How it works (technically and in practice)
  • For whom it is intended (current customers and prospects)
  • Value proposition (costs versus benefits, tangible and intangible)

Ambassador Meetings

At Ambassador Meetings you get to know other Ambassadors. Our Ambassadors often have busy schedules, so they are certainly not always able to participate in all meetings within the network. So you will see new faces during every meeting.

Except for a short (10-15 minute) update on developments within NextSales and the Ambassador Network, an Ambassador Meeting is all about networking whilst enjoying nice food and drinks.

We're always looking for

NextSales Ambassadors

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Ambassador Workshops

Instead of having big meetings with little interaction our Ambassador Workshops are intended to serve small audiences.

The benefit for both our clients and our Ambassadors is that you have in-depth discussions.

The result is that our Ambassadors really understand your proposition and you get to experience how your prospects will react to it.

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