Internet strategy

More virtual - less face-2-face

Since the emergence of the COVID-19 lockdowns, for many companies having a good internet strategy has become even more important. Think of website, social media, marketing automation tools, possible apps and videoconferencing tools.

Even in the current situation with less lockdowns, it becomes clear that an Internet Strategy is a must have!

Many large companies have already thought about this, but for all that not yet have done so:

NextSales supports start-ups, SMEs and corporates in setting up an internet strategy and everything that goes with it.

How do you reach your clients when they prefer virtual?

Internet strategy

Internet Strategy for website, social media, apps

What is it?

An internet strategy is an comprehensive plan in which you determine how your company profiles itself on the internet. It outlines which resources are needed and how the digital profile can be converted into customers.

Not every proposition is sold through a webshop and not every target group wants to receive an automated mail from HubSpot on a regular basis.

The diversity in Europe guarantees that not everything that works in the United States or the United Kingdom can be applied 1-on-1 in Europe. NextSales determines on the basis of a Market Scan your market and competitive position and which internet resources should be used to reach relevant decision makers (DMU).

After the Market Scan, you’ll be able to build your digital profile and take the shortcut to business in your target area!

About your website

Depending on where your prospects are located they orientate themselves more or less extensive on the internet before making a purchase.

In the North of Europe, this trend has been present for longer than in the South. But the restrictions imposed around COVID-19 also force companies from that region to use the internet even more intensively.

In the Business-2-Consumer (B2C) market, we often see that the entire process takes place via the internet. But also in the Business-2-Business (B2B) market personal contact with the supplier is sought later and later in the purchasing process. Where a number of years ago your website served as a “reference work” for companies to review exactly what your company has to offer, your website now determines whether you pass the pre-selection. In short, having a technically good website with the right content is very important.

Convert your digital profile into customers


website – social media – apps



Quality and quantity of content ensures that your website is found by search engines


Social Media

Leverage appropriate Social Media to reach your target audience. Not all cultures are the same



Create an App for the delivery of your services or products or to stay closely connected with your client base

Website Content

Beautiful images and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Both elements are certainly important, as mentioned before: “nice images” make sure that someone stays on your website longer. In practice, SEO is often confused with entering a number of keywords. Large companies in the consumer segment can afford to spend hundreds of thousands of euros on constantly improving their keywords, however….

The best way to do SEO in the Business-2-Business (B2B) segment is:

Writing substantive texts about your proposition!

If you want to do business with larger companies in Europe, the person who collects the information will not be the person who approves the purchase.

More relevant information on your website , means higher in the search results!

Beautiful images ensure that people stay longer on your website and the right content ensures that your website is found by search engines such as Google and Bing. If everything is technically in order: SSL (secure connection to the website), no broken links, etc. your website will also end high in the search results. Not everyone is a born copywriter, but the texts on your website and Social Media are crucial for the number of visitors and people who ultimately want to know more about your product or service. NextSales can help you write relevant texts and set up the internal link structure of those texts to each other. These texts form the basis from which we use SEO keywords to further improve your ranking.

Add new content regularly

Your presence on the internet in the form of website and Social Media channels is never finished. Adding relevant content makes your website end higher in search results, because Google appreciates an active growing website.

For many companies, it is difficult to regularly add new content. NextSales offers you the possibility to outsource these activities, so that your website and Social Media channels remain relevant.

About Social Media

There are many different Social Media channels and their popularity differs per region. In the B2B segment Linkedin is commonly used in northern Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States. Xing is very popular in German-speaking countries (Germany, Switzerland and Austria). In many other countries, Facebook is the Social Media channel used by B2B companies.

Of course there are many other Social Media channels such as Twitter and Instagram. 

NextSales will help you determine which ones to use!

As part of an Internet Strategy or in the implementation of a Lead Generation or Sales Outsourcing agreement NextSales leverages Social Media channels to generate traffic to your website.

Once landed on your website, we offer your target audience a relevant customer journey to optimize conversion to information requests and sales.

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