Internet strategy

Website and salesteam in parallel

You have to support the customer journey. The moment your prospect identifies a need, they will use all channels to gather information: internet, sales representatives, consultants and business network. More than 60% of the customer journey takes place on the web, so an Internet Strategy is a must!

Part of the Internet Strategy is understanding your target audience. Specifically when you are in b2b, you have to understand local differences in culture and buying behaviour.

We support start-ups, SMEs and corporates → in setting up an internet strategy for European countries.

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Internet Strategy: website

Depending on whether your prospects are located in North or South Europe, they orientate themselves more or less extensive on the internet before making a purchase.

North Europe →, uses the internet more than South.

A number of years ago your website served as a reference for companies. To review what your company has to offer. Now your website determines whether you pass the pre-selection.

In short, having a technically good website with the right content is very important.

Creating relevant content is often a challenge. If you need help: Contact us →

Internet Strategy: Social Media

Social Media channels and their popularity differs per business and region.

In the b2b segment Linkedin → is commonly used in Northern Europe. Xing → is very popular in German-speaking countries (Germany, Switzerland and Austria). In many other countries, Facebook → is the Social Media channel used by b2b companies.

We understand the local differences. As part of our offering, we will help you determine the appropriate Social Media channel!

As part of an Internet Strategy or in the implementation of a Lead Generation → or Sales Outsourcing → agreement we leverage Social Media channels to generate traffic to your website.