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We support many Industries. On this page you will find some examples. Most of our clients come from IT, Public Safety & Security, Software, High-Tech, Consulting, Sustainability and Food.

If your company operates in the B2B segment, NextSales can support you in growing your business in Europe. We offer Marketing services to support you in making the right decisions, prepare next steps and start growing your presence.

We offer Sales execution services to build your sales funnel and win deals.

We support you with all related things to make you successful in the European market.

Public Safety & Security

The Public Safety & Security industry show a strong growth. NextSales supports several companies from this industry in the Benelux market.

We support with coaching for tenders, selection of consortium partners and Internet Strategy. Through our NextSales Ambassador Network we are able to give you additional information about your customers and decision making processes.

Some client examples:
  • Hexagon hired us for coaching in The Netherlands Public Safety & Security domain
  • Everbridge retained our Lead Generation services
  • TriOpSys hired us for coaching in the Belgium Public transport domain

IT services

Many companies in the IT Services industry are supported by NextSales.

Big or small, we support companies from all over the world!

Some client examples:


In the software industry, a large number of companies rely on Sales & Marketing support from NextSales.

Regardless whether they are selling perpetual licenses or Software as a Service we support our clients in growing their business in Europe
Some client examples:
    Market Scan & Sales Outsourcing
    Netherlands & Sweden
  • USU
    B2B Events & Sales Outsourcing
  • Nalanda
    Lead Generation - Netherlands
  • Indorse Services
    Market Scan & Sales Outsourcing
  • Aspera
    Sales Outsourcing - Benelux


Market Scan, Internet Strategy, Lead Generation, B2B Events, Sales Outsourcing, Member of the Advisory Board, NextSales contributes to many companies within this segment.

Some client examples:
  • QSM retained us for Sales Management, Lead Generation and Website
  • fit4agile retained our Sales Outsourcing services
  • Contrasticon hired us for Lead Generation


Marketing of new HighTech products takes a certain amount of effort. Market Scan, Lead Generation and Sales Outsourcing are a few examples of how NextSales supports this industry.

Some Client examples:


NextSales actively contributes to the Sustainable Development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. We support companies with offerings in this area against a lowered rate. Some even free of cost.

Some client examples:

In another Industrie?

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NextSales supports customers in several other industries: Food – Education – Cyber – Human Resources

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