Costs or Opportunity?

Although many companies would like to participate in the realisation of sustainability and the SDGs, in practice it often fails at the assumed costs.

Our approach helps you see beyond that assumption and identifies and realizes the opportunities that sustainability and SDGs bring to you.

We support companies with their Sales strategy, devise new business models and turn sustainability challenges into opportunities.

We act as:

  • Process consultant
  • Inspirer
  • SDG coach

Make your contribution work

Sustainability: Costs or Opportunity?

How we do it

SDG opportunity quick scan

We’ll start with an SDG opportunity quick scan. The purpose of this is to determine what possibilities there are for you and your company in the 17 SDGs.

The identified SDG projects create a backlog that can be prioritized based on various criteria (feasibility, contribution to SDGs, required investment, image, etc.). An existing product in a new market may require a different approach than a new product in your current market.

SDG opportunity validation
In this phase, selected SDG applications are further verified and quantified under our guidance. During one day, opportunities that are expected to have a potential of more than € 1 million will be further developed. Attention is paid to issues such as payback time and long-term value, the necessary initial investment, realisation of the project and relevant regulations.
Project letter
In this phase we coach the definition of the internal and external objectives of the project and the way in which we want to achieve the goal. Clear communication internally and externally is very important.

Do It Yourself

Although we can support you in all steps of the process, we enable you to do as much as possible yourself.

We offer Coaching during the realization of the SDG opportunity. Connecting the (learning) process on all layers. 

Our coaches are members of the NextSales Ambassador Network. This thinktank consists of more than 220 people with a background in senior management from business and government.

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