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Organising successful b2b Events has become even more difficult over the last 2 years. Motivating people to join your virtual, face-2-face or hybrid event involves a lot of work. For many companies this is a reason to participate in fairs and congresses organized by an external party. The downside is that at these events your competition is also there.

We have a different approach! We organize “intimate & interactive” small-scale b2b events featuring your company.

We do this “on location”, hybrid or virtual. We comply with local regulations for the safety of your participants and work within your budget.

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Guaranteed number of participants

360 degrees support: We support you throughout the entire process. Based on your objectives, we can help you choose an “appealing” theme for the event, find speakers, a day chair and so on. We will reach out to potential participants through our Lead Generation → 

Guaranteed minimum number of participants: We guarantee a minimum number of 15 participants per event. We regularly connect with the participants in anticipation of the event. Keeping the number of cancellations to a minimum. This also gives us more insight into their agenda, so that you can address these topics during the event.

Support during the event: We take pictures that can be used on Social Media during and after the event. We are the link between you, the participants, speakers and representatives from the venue to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Follow-up of the event: We send thank you mails and make the documentation available for the participants. We contact the participants to evaluate the event. We do this in mutual agreement with you and on behalf of your company.

After the event, we can also support you with follow up of leads/opportunities based on Sales Outsourcing →

Virtual and hybrid b2b events

Most virtual events are not attractive. You’re not able to connect with your audience the same way you can during an “on location” event. Still the world has changed over the last years and some of the changes will stick. Enrolling in a virtual event doesn’t create the same commitment for many people as enrolling in a “on location” event. Your audience can easily walk away from their device and get distracted by phone calls, e-mails and so on.

Our approach: A virtual round table session for a small group of people.

This is how we work around these disadvantages. In preparation for the session we work with you to find the right agenda for the event. We make sure that the intended target audience will attend by contacting the participants prior to the session. We will also ensure that the virtual round table remains interactive. We actively encourage participants to interrupt and ask questions the same way they would during a “On location” round table. After the session NextSales will take care of follow-up, reporting on the session and make the recording available to participants.

face-2-face round table

Large events such as fairs and congresses these times bring a lot of uncertainty. Restrictions for events come and go every day. But even without that: Large events are often experienced as too massive. It is about the biggest booth and the most “gimmicks” and do they attract your target audience?

The CxO level indicates that they prefer to have a meaningful conversation instead of hearing a sales pitch. A b2b event in the form of a round table session is ideal for a small groups of people with the same professional interest to discuss a topic of interest.

In preparation for the session, we will help search for the right location and catering. On the day itself we will take care of everything. Whether it concerns 10, 20 or more participants, NextSales makes sure that the intended target audience will attend by keeping intensive contact with the participants prior to the session. After the session NextSales will take care of the follow-up and reporting on the session.

Innovaway’s round table in the residence of the Italian Ambassador in The Hague (Netherlands) →

USU’s round table in Rotterdam (Netherlands) →

Product demos

Seeing is believing: It is important to show potential customers how your product works. Nextsales provides product demos for groups of interested parties. If needed we ask for technical support from our customer.

During demos, we adapt our message to the audience: a CFO is looking for the costs-benefits, while an end-user is interested in usability. Each target group requires a different approach and demonstration.

An example: Introducing a tabletop electron microscope to existing and new customers for
FEI/PhenomWorld →

This required multiple activities. In addition to being present at trade fairs FEI/Phenom opted to organize demos at their own office and at prospect premises such as the
Boerhaave Museum in Leiden →

Laboratory Managers, R&D Managers and Quality Control Managers each have their own areas of expertise that needed to be addressed during the demos. That is why there have been several demos to demonstrate the application from different perspectives.

b2b speeddates

The objective of speeddate sessions is to meet many potential customers in a short period of time.

Our format? You meet 4-6 prospects per day. Meet 45 minutes with each prospect, followed by a 15 minute break. Specifically if you have to travel to meet your prospects this is a very effective way of working.

An example: For a NGO we organized speeddate sessions between Bangladeshi IT firms and prospects in the Netherlands. The target of the two-day event was to allow 12 IT companies from Bangladesh to speak to potential customers. The morning sessions on Tuesday and Thursday were divided into blocks of 45 minutes followed by a 15-minute wrap-up/break.

The result? Each Bangladeshi IT firm had meetings with 6 prospects in 8 hours. The potential clients had the opportunity to each meet 3 to 4 suppliers, collecting information to make a decision. Several potential clients have made agreements to visit Bangladesh for more in-depth conversations. In addition, a number of Bangladeshi IT firms have contracted NextSales to support sales in the Netherlands.