Retrospective: round table Agile IT Service Management

On Wednesday 13 November we organized two round table meetings for our client USU with the theme “Agile IT Service Management”.
Retrospective B2B Event: Agile IT Service Management, Stefan Habitzreuther, Managing Director of USU

B2B Event - Retrospective: Agile IT Service Management

On Wednesday 13 November we organized two round table meetings for our client USU with the theme “Agile IT Service Management”. The round table model was chosen to allow as much interaction as possible with and between the participants.

Representatives of IT departments from large and small companies were able to listen to and discuss the improved effectiveness and efficiency of IT through Agile thinking and acting within the Operations side of the DevOps model.

The opening was carried out by Stefan Habitzreuther, Managing Director of USU who gave a brief introduction to the USU Group.

ITIL® 4 makes IT Service Management more flexible

Markus Bause, CEO of the consulting and training organization Serview gave the attendees an insight into the changes within the Best Practices framework ITIL® , enabling its connection with developments such as IT4IT, Agile, DevOps and Lean.

This change was necessary because in day to day operations IT development departments make extensive use of Agile, DevOps and Lean, however there is still a gap in the connection with IT operations.

Where the development department is under pressure to quickly modify or build new applications or Apps, the operations department is under pressure to make IT work with minimal risk and at the lowest achievable cost.

Agile Request Management for Cloud Services

Matthias Vianden, Director (IT, Development, and Operation) of USU company Aspera gave an example regarding the application of Agile techniques when concluding software license agreements with companies.

The example showed how an Agile approach to the conclusion of Office365 agreements can provide effective savings and greater flexibility.

Of course, Aspera can also help you save on Salesforce, Oracle and SAP SaaS agreements.

Cloud Infrastructure Automation support for DevOps teams

Martin Landis, Business Unit Manager Product Marketing of USU addressed the tension between development and operations in a DevOps team. Development tries to realize desired changes as quickly as possible, while minimizing disruption to Operations.

In today’s Cloud environments, so much can be automated that disruptions can be avoided or minimazed. During development, for example, the desired environment can be requested, set up and made available automatically via a service request. The USU products Valuemation and Leutek can be used for this purpose.

Agile Service Management logistic service provider

In conclusion, the experiences of logistics service provider Hamburg Süd were discussed. The company has achieved a shift from products to services within its organization.

Although tools have naturally supported this shift, the role of a “sponsor” from the management proved crucial.

We look back on two successful round tables. The guests had the opportunity to get to know USU and each other in an interactive way.

USU and NextSales

USU has asked NextSales to do its representation in the Benelux region (Sales Outsourcing). The first two B2B Events (round table meetings) were held on 13 November 2019 as part of the process of building brand awareness.

What is Sales Outsourcing?


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