Retrospective round table Global IT Support Services

On Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 November NextSales organized two round table meetings for our client Innovaway. The theme: “Global IT Support Services”.
Retrospective B2b Event: Global IT Support: Paolo Volpicelli, International Business Development at Innovaway

B2B Event - Retrospective Global IT Support Services

On Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 November NextSales organized two round table meetings for our client Innovaway. The theme: “Global IT Support Services”. The round table format was chosen to allow as much interaction as possible with and between the participants.

IT department representatives from large and small businesses were able to listen to and discuss how users worldwide can be supported both remote and local in their own language. Specially important in the event of system failures. Thanks to innovations within the partnership between Innovaway and Fujitsu GPMO.

Paolo Volpicelli, International Business Development at Innovaway, acted as day chair and moderator.

Opening by the Italian Ambassador

The opening of the round table was performed by the Ambassador of the Italian Republic to the Netherlands, Mr Andrea Perugini, who welcomed the guests to his residence in The Hague.

Despite his busy schedule these days due to his role as chairman of the OPCW (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) Mr. Perugini managed to make time available to open the round tables sessions and to be present during lunch and dinner.

In addition to a number of interesting facts about the history of his residence, Mr. Perugini also highlighted the important role played by the Netherlands as a gateway to the world. As examples, among other things, the Port of Rotterdam, the international institutions in The Hague and the TEFAF in Maastricht were mentioned.

Global Support Services

Francesca Toriello, Customer & Program Manager of Innovaway discussed the way in which Innovaway interprets the service desk as a single point of contact for solving disruptions worldwide.

As an example, we discussed retail organizations that often have a limited number of devices available per location, but whose failure can have a huge impact on the customer experience and turnover. For example: non-functioning cash register, payment systems, displays or in-store devices for customers to shop online.

Of course, Innovaway can also offer this support in other industries.

Customer experiences with Global Support Services

Andrea Lanati, Indirect Procurement Manager discussed his experiences with Global IT Support Services at KIKO Milano.

KIKO came from an IT support agreement with 1 main contractor and 5 different suppliers. This resulted in non-transparent costs, long service times and dissatisfied users.

In the new situation, Innovaway is the single point of contact and delivers in cooperation with Fujitsu GPMO worldwide IT Support. From KIKO’s point of view, this has greatly improved the speed and quality of service (and therefore user satisfaction), while the costs have become lower and predictable. As an example it was mentioned that adding a new support language in the old situation would require months of preparation (and the associated costs). In the new situation this was almost plug and play.

Partnering in Global Support Services

Serge Van Branden, Global Deployment Director of Fujitsu GPMO first explained the services provided by Fujitsu GPMO. This service aimes at companies up to a size of several tens of thousands of employees. Next, the collaboration with Innovaway, as set up within KIKO Milano, was discussed. Innovaway is the single point of contact and its service desk solves as many tickets as possible remotely. For on-site support, Fujitsu GPMO will, where appropriate, activate its own local organisation or call on other local parties. In the cooperation with Innovaway this means, for example, that within Italy Innovaway can be one of those other parties.

In addition to the presentation, Serge gave an insight into the automated way in which Fujitsu GPMO follows a huge number of service desk tickets through a short demo. The system checks whether the right steps for solving a ticket are taken and whether the agreed SLA remains feasible. As soon as the system signals that there is a risk that the agreements will not be met, an escalation takes place.

Innovaway and NextSales

Innovaway has asked NextSales to do its representation in the Benelux region ( Sales Outsourcing). As part of the process of building relationships with potential customers, two B2B Events (round table meetings) were held on 27 and 28 November 2019.

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