Sales Outsourcing with fit4agile

fit4agile and NextSales have entered into a Sales Outsourcing agreement. NextSales supports the launch of the fit4agile brand.
Client fit4agile - Internet Strategy, Sales Outsourcing, The Netherlands

Sales Outsourcing with fit4agile - Start-up support

fit4agile and NextSales have entered into a Sales Outsourcing agreement. NextSales supports the launch of the fit4agile brand.

The Sales Outsourcing with fit4agile includes website, Social Media, value proposition and Lead Generation.

fit4agile focusses on the human factor within Agile. It’s one thing to follow a training to become Scrum Master or Product Owner, but how do you determine where your strength or that of your future employee lies?

fit4agile scores your talents against several Agile roles and shows you where your talents add the most value:

  • Work that fits your talents makes you happier and more successful
  • An Agile team consisting of people that are not matched on their talents needs at least 2 more sprints. Related costs will easily add up to € 60K

fit4agile is an initiative of Libeccio and StepWise.

Start-up support

If you are considering starting in the Netherlands, Belgium or another European country, NextSales can help you get started.

Visit our Business Development page. We understand the market and its Rules & Characteristics. We can give you insight into the feasibility of your plans.

We can help you define and address your target group, sharpen your proposition and presentations.

We can support you in creating your website, Apps and Social media channels. Our Ambassadors are also willing to leverage their expertise and years of experience as a coach for you.

More information on our Sales Outsourcing with fit4agile?


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