Sales Outsourcing with mITE extended

Sales Outsourcing extended with Inside Sales support.
Client mITE - Sales Outsourcing, Automation, Lead Generation

Outsourcing with mITE extended with Inside Sales support

The current Sales Outsourcing agreement with mITE has been extended. NextSales now supports mITE’s Sales department both in generating new leads as well as in all relevant Inside Sales tasks.

This includes:

  • Processing leads from the partner channel
  • Monitoring quotations
  • Supporting the Sales staff

The delivery of products and services resulting from this Sales Outsourcing agreement will be carried out by mITE.

Benefits of this agreement for mITE are:

  • Effective, fast & consistent market approach
  • Flexible & Scalable Sales department and costs
  • Improved Return on Business Development
  • Scalable, effective and efficient deployment of scarce Sales resources

About mITE

Mobile Access to business information is now an integral part of the work process in every organization. The success of mobile work depends very much on the possibilities that an organization offers to provide the user’s communication and information needs. The four main issues involved are Device management, mobile policy, mobile Security and connectivity Management. Each of these issues needs to look at the relationship with user, information and available applications.

These issues triggered mITE Systems to offer a platform; The Mobile Way. The Mobile Way is a complete platform where users within management are facilitated in their information and communication needs. This takes into account centrally defined policies for management, security and use of data and communication.

mITE has been acquired by Vodafone on 30 September 2015.

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