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NetBoss supports organizations to work “anywhere, any time and at any device”. NextSales supports NetBoss with Lead Generation to realize its growth ambitions.
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NextSales supports Netboss with Lead Generation to realize its growth ambitions. Within our NextSales Ambassador Network we have a lot of knowledge and experience in the IT domain combined with excellent networks with potential clients.

About NetBoss

Working “anywhere, any time and at any device” requires a different approach for organizations. Different in terms of working processes and IT support. When it comes to work “anywhere, any time and at any device”, adjustments must be made within the IT infrastructure and IT deployment.

Unfortunately the impact of this way of working is often underestimated. Therefore mobile processes often do not meet the expectations.

With years of experience, NetBoss can advise organizations to optimize their mobile work.

About NetBoss
You can devise and roll out the most beautiful processes, apps and mobile devices. However, if the connection is not reliable, these processes will not succeed.

Information “anywhere, any time and at any device” has an impact on IT Architecture. Connections are needed with mobile devices that communicate “outside the walls” via wifi and data networks of mobile operators. Often when the connection is lost, you have to log in again, restart sessions and data is lost. If there is a connection, it is often too slow to work properly.

Connectivity is the foundation of the process.

Application persistance
Applications are not built to keep data in a proper way, and applications often disconnect the session when the connection is down.

With NetBoss Mobility you can “fool” the application. Mobility gives the mobile workstation an IP address that is within the same range as the backend applications. Backend applications “think” that there is still a connection and the application will not disconnect the session.

Once Mobility has reconnected, you can simply continue working without losing data or time-consuming things like logging in again.

When the data connection is disconnected, Mobility will always keep the VPN tunnel open, so the user does not have to perform any actions to re-establish the VPN connection.

Seamless data roaming
Users have a lot of trouble switching between different types of data traffic and between the antennas of providers.

Mobility acts as a virtual layer over all connectivity on the mobile device. This will make the connection optimal. This happens in a split second.

With the antennas of the providers, the “handshakes” from one antenna to another are not always smooth. Range, speed, congestion and overload have a major impact on the quality of the data signal. The device thus receives many signals from the masts and will have to make continuous choices. Mobility will make this choice so that everything connects seamlessly.

High End Security
Mobility is strong in the field of security. Mobility is FIPS 140-2 AES encryption and Common Criteria EAL4 + certified, making it the highest standards. Mobility is a flexible, scalable and safe solution.

Traffic is encrypted and all traffic not recognized by the Mobility server is deemed unreliable and immediately discarded.

For more information visit: NetBoss on LinkedIn!

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