Software development

Opportunities for Software Development

Software Development is high on the priority list of CIOs, it is an area where companies are willing to work (and often already do) with an international / offshore IT service provider.

Many companies are looking to employ personnel. Yet these companies are faced with a dilemma: Do nothing and start to fall behind or hire external support.

If you are interested in opportunities for software development in The Netherlands.

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Many companies need Staff

Most companies turn to their trusted IT providers or brokers for external support. As a result, the shortage of qualified personnel in the Dutch market will not be reduced. After all, the supply remains the same. This situation creates an opportunity for software development companies based in other countries.

Software development pricing:
Hourly rates for specialists in the field of .NET, ActionScript, Ajax, ASP, PHP, Assembler C, C#, C++, Adobe, Android, Apache, OS, iOS, Microsoft, Java, Linux range from € 30 to € 190 with an average of € 70.

Software development market
At the end of August 2019, there were between 3,701 and 4,530 vacancies for Software Development. These vacancies were mainly in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Eindhoven.

Opportunities for Graphic design

For the analysis, we used information collected during interviews with the NextSales Ambassador Network → and clients →. We also gathered information from market reports and through surveys. In addition, we’ve taken the number of vacancies for IT-staff (August 2019) as another indicator of market demand.

Graphic design pricing
Hourly rates range from € 30 to € 55 with an average of € 45.

Graphic design market
At the end of August 2019, there were between 296 and 311 vacancies. These vacancies were mainly in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven and Rotterdam.


  • As a stand-alone offer there is limited demand for graphic design
  • However, as part of another project graphic design is very important
  • In the Netherlands, people are not easily impressed by an application
  • Appearance and ease of use are almost as important as functionality

What does this mean?

  • There is a high demand for services in software development
  • Software development companies are willing to work with external suppliers
  • The most likely customers for foreign software development and graphic design companies are local IT companies or brokers
  • The software development segment is very attractive for foreign companies
  • Graphic design services, although very important for the success and acceptance of IT systems, are not recognized as a “stand-alone” segment
  • Graphic design services are usually part of an outsourced application, (mobile) app or web development
  • Graphic design is a less attractive segment for foreign companies

What to do?

  • Use references from other customers and publish white papers about these services
  • Define a unique value proposition
  • Research successful designs on the Dutch market for a better understanding of the local perception of “good design”