Dutch landing page for Innovaway

Innovaway is an Italian IT company, specialized in the remote support of IT users. NextSales created the Dutch landing page for Innovaway.
NextSales Client for Sales Outsourcing: Innovaway

We’ve launched a Dutch landing page for Innovaway: an Italian IT company, specialized in the remote support of IT users. Of course there are many competitors, but Innovaway distinguishes itself from the others in a number of ways:

  • Support is available in 27 mother tongue languages (so not only in English or something that remotely resembles English)
  • Service is flexible, scalable (e.g. only during certain shifts, seasonal peaks, for specific languages or for short periods of time)
  • Smaller companies with more than 200 employees spread over different countries can make use of Innovaway’s services (price enquiry)
  • Innovaway’s investments in training its employees have resulted in a low turnover rate (less than 3%). This ensures continuity in the quality of service to customers.

Global Service Desk

The Innovaway service desk acts as a single point of contact for resolving disruptions worldwide. For example, for retail organizations that often have a limited number of IT devices per shop. Think of checkout and payment systems, displays and in-store devices for online shopping. A malfunction in that equipment immediately has an enormous impact on the customer experience and revenue. For companies such as Kiko Milano Innovaway provides this service, with partner Fujitsu GPMO providing on-site support where necessary.

Innovaway and NextSales

Since 2017 NextSales supports the growth of Innovaway in the Benelux region. Following a Market Scan, NextSales has been operating on the basis of a Sales Outsourcing performing all relevant Sales & Marketing activities. As part of this agreement we regularly organise events, perform LinkedIn campaigns and created a Dutch landing page for Innovaway .

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Renewed Sales Outsourcing with Innovaway

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