Innovaway acquires Olisistem Start!

On 24 January the agreement confirming the acquisition was signed at the headquarters of Olisistem Start in Settimo Torinese.
Innovaway: General Manager Antonio Burinato

Innovaway acquires Olisistem Start

Innovaway specialises in providing flexible, scalable Remote Support Services in 27 languages. On 24 January the agreement confirming the acquisition was signed at the headquarters of Olisistem Start in Settimo Torinese.

Olisistem Start is a company that provides IT Service Management services focussing on the banking and financial sector.

Part of this acquisition is a 5-year agreement with the largest Italian bank, Banca Intesa San Paolo. In addition to a significant increase in turnover, this acquisition means that Innovaway will become the largest player in the European market for Remote Support Services.

The acquisition of Olisistem Start by Innovaway involves approximately 350 people.

Strengthening Innovaway's position

This acquisition strengthens Innovaway’s position in the banking and insurance segment. In addition, the agreement with Banca Intesa San Paolo provides a strong foundation for further growth in the future.

Innovaway has a solid contract base with major Italian and international companies.

Innovaway and NextSales

Innovaway is an IT Service Management company that distinguishes itself by providing these flexible, scalable services in 27 languages.

The combination of high quality of service and flexibility and scalability has given Innovaway a strong market position. Large companies such as IBM, Fujitsu, Dolce&Gabbana and Kiko Milano make use Innovaway’s services. But Innovaway also supports small businesses with 150 workplaces or companies looking for additional support for a specific language, period or shift.

Innovaway acquires Olisistem Start as part of its growth strategy. The involvement of NextSales through a Sales Outsourcing is intended to support the growth objectives in the Benelux area.

The assignment for NextSales is threefold:

  • Contracting new customers
  • Searching for partners
  • Identifying potential acquisition candidates

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