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The philosophy of the Qiy Foundation is that people should have control over their personal data. NextSales supports this idea and will leverage its NextSales Ambassador Network to recruit new members for the Qiy Foundation.
SDGs client Qiy Foundation supported with Lead Generation

Supporting SDGs - Qiy Foundation

For years, the Qiy Foundation has been working with a growing number of organizations to develop an independent system that allows individuals to control their data: The Qiy scheme! The Qiy scheme consists of independent governance, an open standard and its rules. In this way, the Qiy scheme anticipates the changing role of Governments and expectations of the individual in the online digital world, taking into account recent European legislative changes in the field of data protection. The work of the Qiy Foundation is made possible by annual membership contributions from organizations in the public and private sector.

About Qiy Foundation

The philosophy of the Qiy Foundation is that people should have control over their personal data. The infrastructure based on the Qiy standard has been live as a certified reference implementation for several years. With the support of many large private and public organizations, the Qiy Foundation is working on a scheme for the exchange of personal data under the control of the individual. The first version of the scheme was launched on 5 January 2015 and is open to parties to complete roles in the scheme.

Qiy Trust Principles

The Qiy Trust principles define the rights of the individual when using the Qiy scheme to exchange data with other parties. All parties that provide services through the infrastructure on the basis of the Qiy scheme must stick to these rules.

Companies such as ABN Amro, Equens, ICS Cards, ING, Intrasurance Group, Ministry of Economic Affairs, NVVB (Dutch Society for Civil Affairs), RTL Nederland, SIDN, SVB and Vodafone Ziggo are already part of the Qiy coalition.

What is the Qiy scheme?

The Qiy scheme is a set of agreements that include all the necessary topics needed to provide a satisfactory user experience to all end users.

Similar challenges have been addressed in the organization of other global markets, including the telecom and payment markets. Key in promoting fragmented markets is a form of cooperation between competing parties. The form of such cooperation is often referred to as a ‘scheme’.

Well-known examples of schemes in two-sided markets are credit cards (Visa, MasterCard), Internet (ICann) and GSM for mobile telephony.

Why do we need a scheme?

The current fragmentation of personal data is a clear example of a growing number of challenges: every individual has data in many places and most organizations manage data from many people.

Qiy Connectors

The Qiy Trust Network offers people digital self-determination: Control, overview and insight:

  • The Qiy Trust Network connects people to their data. It allows them to use their data for personal purposes and share it with trusted people and organizations. It makes it possible for organizations to subscribe to the data of a person who is considered relevant by him or her
  • The Qiy Trust Network makes it possible for privacy-friendly and secure applications to help people get control, overview and insight into their lives
  • The Qiy Trust Network connects people with friends and family without sharing data with intermediate platforms
  • The Qiy Trust Network supports platform neutrality because people keep control of their data and choose the applications and platforms they prefer to deliver the service
  • The Qiy Trust Network connects people with organizations they can trust. Organizations are proud that people have chosen their products and services

Qiy Foundation and NextSales

The Qiy Foundation wants to expand the number of participants and has asked NextSales for support. NextSales supports Sustainability and the SDGs by working “pro bono” or at a reduced rate. As part of our Lead Generation for Qiy, we will leverage the NextSales Ambassador Network to recruit new members for the Qiy Foundation.

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