Sales Outsourcing with Indorse Services

Indorse Services developed a DTM SaaS solution: IndorseSign. NextSales will support Indorse Services with Sales Outsourcing within Europe.
Client Indorse Services - Sales Outsource for Europe

Sales Outsourcing Indorse Services - Local Office

IndorseSign is a platform with patented functions for easy and efficient signing, approval and management of digital documents. The secure SaaS solution allows users for example to start workflows and take notes. As of 2019 as part of the Sales Outsourcing with Indorse Services, NextSales is active as the local European office for Indorse Services in the Netherlands and will cover all Sales & Marketing activities.

After introducing IndorseSign in the Netherlands, NextSales will also support the launch of IndorseSign in other European countries such as : Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, etc.

Indorse Services and NextSales

Indorse Services has contracted NextSales to support its launch in Europe. As part of the Sales Outsourcing we will leverage the NextSales Ambassador Network for Lead Generation. NextSales will plan and follow-up meetings with prospects in different industries. In April Indorse Services senior management will visit the Netherlands for a meeting with some of our Ambassadors during several Ambassador Workshops. Would you like to learn more about Indorse Services or IndorseSign?

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