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On Wednesday 27 November and Thursday 28 November, Innovaway Benelux is organizing two round table meetings on Global Support Services.
NextSales Client for Sales Outsourcing: Innovaway

B2B Event: Global IT Support Services

Companies are increasingly international and have created a challenge for themselves to keep their Global Support Services for IT and business processes up to date.

How do you ensure that 50 workplaces will be realized in Beijing tomorrow? How do you support the workplaces of 30 employees in Finland? How do you cover the refresh in 6 countries at once? These are challenges that every international company faces.

Global IT Support Services (GSS) are the answer to this challenge. But is this feasible for modern organizations wanting to be Agile, flexible and lean? How do you set up Agile, flexible and lean GSS? Is it feasible for an SME? These and other questions will be discussed!

Round table

On Wednesday 27 November and Thursday 28 November, Innovaway Benelux is organizing two round table meetings on Global Support Services. Both customers and partners of Innovaway talk about their experiences and the way in which Global Support Services can best be implemented. Topics to be addressed:
  • Global Support Services | Innovaway
  • Experiences with Global Support Services | Percassi
  • Partner experience In Global Support Services | Fujitsu
  • Roadmap to Global Support Services | Innovaway

Time and place

The round table meetings will be held in the residence of the Italian Ambassador in The Hague.

  • The meeting on 27 November starts at 16:00 and ends at 18:45 with a walking dinner.
  • The meeting on 28 November starts at 10:00 and ends at 12:45 with a lunch.

About Innovaway

Innovaway is an Italian System Integrator that provides innovative ICT solutions and services. To achieve this, Innovaway makes substantial investments in Research & Development. Founded in 2003, Innovaway has 600 employees at 8 locations in Italy, Albania and the Netherlands. Innovaway provides services to 150 customers in 100 countries.

Innovaway has a proven track record of IT Support Services, processes, methodologies and best practices to meet required and expected service levels.

Innovaway delivers these services through a customer-specific approach:

  • Flexibility for the future, thanks to the ability to support customers worldwide in their plans for geographic expansion or change. This is possible due to the availability of support services in 27 languages and the possibility of activating additional language sections if necessary, based on the specific requirements of the customers
  • Sophisticated approach to customer service, to improve end-user satisfaction, through integrated behavioral analysis and business intelligence tools that build and manage each end-user’s specific history and characteristics in real time
  • System integration practice, the development of advanced technologies makes it possible to improve the delivery of IT Support Services. Examples are the integration of different social channels in the contact management infrastructure (taking into account their limitations) and the integration of Robot Process Automation solutions to streamline the execution of simple and repetitive tasks. In time, Innovaway will implement a NLP-based human interaction, which is currently being analyzed by the internal research and development unit
  • Language skills, Innovaway offers services in 27 different languages, based on mother tongue. Each language group consists of one or more native speakers who contribute to improving the skills of the other practitioners. They are also responsible for the right approach of clients, taking into account cultural differences

Innovaway and NextSales

NextSales supports Innovaway’s growth objectives in the Benelux area through Sales Outsourcing. The assignment for NextSales is threefold:

  • Contracting new customers
  • Searching for partners
  • Identifying potential acquisition candidates

These B2B Events (round table) are part of NextSales support for the Innovaway brand in the Benelux.

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