Specialized consulting & services for b2b sales

Your company has an excellent proposition, but the nature of the proposition is not suitable for selling through the internet? We’ll grow your business!

Whether you want to target Europe, the United States, Latin-America or Asia-Pacific, our sales & marketing consultants understand the challenges you will be facing and know how to address them.

We will help you grow your business.

Take advantage of opportunities in Europe, the US, LATAM and APAC with our support.

An important part of our value proposition is the NextSales Ambassador Network, consisting of senior executives, professors, retired military officers and professionals who leverage their knowledge, expertise and network to support you.

Europe is not 1 single market

Europe consists of 51 countries. That is including Cyprus and countries that are partly located in Europe.

The European Union (EU →) consists of 27 countries and is one of the largest economies in the world. Like the other major economies, the European Union has its own specific characteristics. You have to be aware of these characteristics.

You will encounter differences in language and acceptance of new offerings and innovations. Compared to the US, the most significant difference is the way b2b deals are established. You will have to build trust. 

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Expanding into another country?

Considering to expand your business into other regions or countries? Take advantage of our sources → pages.

These pages offer information on economic data for regions like the US → and Europe →.

More detailed information on IT and Services industry trends is available for US states like: California →, Texas →, New York →, Florida → and Illinois →.

You can also find detailed information on European countries: Germany →, United Kingdom →, France →, Netherlands → and Belgium →.

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Our unique value: Ambassadors

Many companies offer sales services. They do inbound marketing with tools like Hubspot →. They offer social media-, e-mail and cold calling campaigns. We offer those services too, but what sets us apart is our NextSales Ambassador Network →.

Our Ambassadors are senior executives from corporations and public sector. Some of them come from the military, are entrepreneur, professor or in the government.

They all have an extensive network and are willing to introduce our clients there. This creates a shortcut to the C-level and their inner circle as well as a better qualification in the early stages.

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